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BECOMING BARACK is the insightful portrait of young Obama during the formative years in Chicago 1985-1993!  He is the
man, who just 15 years later, will become the leader of the free world

SGC's documentary
BECOMING BARACK, a detailed portrait of young Obama during his formative years in Chicago--before
politics!  The true story of how the future president found a direction and path to elected office! Featuring exclusively the oldest
known interview from 1993 with Barack Obama...who just 15 years later would be elected to the highest office in a truly historic
journey.  Now running on Amazon Prime and!

"Shows how [young Obama] had a budding interest in elective office and an awareness of the media’s importance in achieving political
goals..." --

"A wonderful and informative retelling of the early years of President Obama...
" --

"A film about...what it means to be black growing up in America." -- Guardian Express.
Barack Obama 1993
"lost interview"
The untold story of Obama's Chicago years--before politics!