SGC announces a new documentary production featuring a never-seen exclusive Barack Obama interview!

BECOMING BARACK compared to negative theatrical film OBAMA: 2016!

“If a point comes where I think I can do more good in a public office, then I might think
about it, but that time is certainly in the future.”
     --  Barack Obama's "lost" interview, 1993

“If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are
possible, who still wonders if the Dream of our Founders is still alive in our time… tonight
is your answer.
    -- Barack Obama's election night speech, Nov. 5, 2008

A new perspective on our 44th president! What shaped his identity?

SGC is proud to announce the discovery of what is believed to be the oldest videotape interview of Barack Obama,
from October 1993, when he was a 32-year-old lawyer and law professor at The University of Chicago. SGC has acquired
the exclusive worldwide rights to this remarkable interview for use in a new documentary production,
Filmed at Obama's law offices in Chicago, the 15-minute interview has never been previously released...revealing who
Barack Obama was in this early period in his career! With exclusive clips from the lost videotape,
reveals an insightful, close-up portrait of young Obama during his most formative period in Chicago between the years
approximately 1985 and 1993!  He is the man, who just 15 years later, will become the leader of the free world.

    BECOMING BARACK presents a never-seen perspective of Barack Obama. Starting with his
    early days as a Chicago organizer in the 1980's, BECOMING BARACK offers new details
    about how he evolved as a leader and individual. Even during this early period in his career,
    a vision of hope for "the world as it should be" shone brightly. But along the way, he realized
    that gaining power was the most certain path toward creating change with lasting impact. This
    is the story of Barack Obama's amazing journey--years before he was a public figure!  

    BECOMING BARACK reveals how Obama found an identity, a direction, a community, an
    extended family, and finally realized his potential to bring about change on a grand scale.  
    How did his early experiences and success in Chicago inspire him to develop ideals and a
    philosphy that led him to the presidency?  What were the revelations and accomplishments
    that molded him in these years?  See BECOMING BARACK!   Running time: 60 minutes.



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"This DVD is not just for fans and supporters of the President, but an inspirational "DVD" that will fire you up about what each of us can do in our
lives to make a better communtiy and a better world. "
 -- Amazon.com

"A wonderful and informative retelling of the early years of President Obama's political life." -- Amazon.com

"Highly recommended!" -- N2Entertainment.net

"A fitting tribute to the only President to dedicate his career to the poor and the disenfranchised." -- TheSkanner.com

Dedicated to the memory of director, co-writer and friend Robert Yuhas.

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SGC acquires exclusive rights to the oldest video interview of Barack Obama from 1993 for "Becoming
Barack", a
documentary focusing on Obama's formative years in Chicago--before politics!
Barack Obama
Pasadena, CA 1980
Courtesy Eric Moore
Barack Obama's "lost" 1993 interview
Copyright 1993, 2008 Zeke Gonzalez.