“His mother and father fished, Elvis fished, all his friends fished, June fished, everybody
fished.  I didn't fish, I was busy taking film, taking footage.  With my little eight millimeter
camera!” –Eddie Bellman
Photos courtesy of June Juanico
and Edward J. Bellman (left).

In Memory of Eddie Bellman.
Elvis: Summer of '56. Copyright 2010 July Fourteenth, LLC
The story of Elvis' relationship with June is factual...documented by the oldest known home movie of Elvis in a private setting. The 20 minute 8mm film was discovered by
Stuart Goldman during research for the production "Elvis in Hollywood" in 1992. Ten years later, it became the core content of the documentary "Elvis & June: A Love
Story."  Taken on July 14, 1956, just weeks before his legendary appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, the 8mm film shows Elvis and June lost in a simple, romantic
existence. Who could have known 21-year-old Elvis, as seen in the revealing color film, was destined to become the most famous entertainer in the world!

Elvis: Summer of '56 updates Elvis & June with new, never-seen images, interviews with Elvis from that period, plus new interviews and anecdotes about Elvis!   

The revised documentary explores Elvis' deep affection for June, with more of June's detailed recollections plus the home movie shot by Eddie Bellman, a friend of
June's mother.  The documentary also features never-seen photos from June's scrapbook, plus exclusive interviews with Elvis' original guitarist Scotty Moore, drummer
D.J. Fontana, Col. Parker's assistant Trude Forsher, and home movie owner Eddie Bellman.
DVD now available!
Elvis: Summer of '56. Years before he meets Priscilla, 21-year-old Elvis Presley is in love with a small-
town girl from Biloxi, Mississippi. Elvis had picked June out of the crowd at a local concert and they
started dating a year later. “Heartbreak Hotel,” Elvis' first national hit is at the top of the charts. He is
yet to film his first movie and the legendary appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show is still months away!  
Most people do not know t
he name Elvis Presley! This one special summer produced Elvis' first great
romance, and also the astonishing rise to fame that would ultimately drive them apart!
“So he wanted to know, where did I learn how to kiss…  
and  I said I think I’m learning from you right now…”